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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30th Hot Blog of the Day!

User FuckdorothyandOZ brings us some deep poetry!

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Let me dream

Let me dream.
Like I've never dreamed before.
Let me dream that I'm in love.
To be free to dream what in in store.
Just let me dream.

Let me dream that I can be.
Happy for the rest of eternity.
And that one day you will see
What a perfect woman I can be.

Let me dream that you secretly stare.
And inquire about my when and where
Let me dream that I'm the one
And other than me...You want none.

Let me dream that you think of me.
And whether we one day will be.
The lovers who had no chance.
To be who they wanted to be.

Let me dream that you are waiting there.
And that life might at last be fair.
Let me dream of your silly smile.
And that loving me was worthwhile.

Again..These are just dreams.
That might never be real.
But one day you might know..
How hard secret love feels.

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